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The Year of 1917 in Russia’s and World’s Fate

 The subject of the issue is “The Year of 1917 in Russia’s and World’s Fate”. It will be devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, an epochal event, which had a great influence on the trajectory of the global historical development. The central point of discussion will be the 1917 Great Russian Revolution being examined in various historical contexts. The international context of analysis assumes the view of the Russian revolution as an inherent part and a consequence of the all-European wartime revolutionary crisis of 1914–1921, the exposure of all aspects of interaction between the revolutionary events in Russia and the processes of European and worldwide development. Of special interest will be the reflection of the experiences of the 1917 Revolution in the epoch’s societal consciousness and in reactions of international public opinion. Internal research perspective, taken in connection with the international one, should be complying with the contemporary historiography trends and challenges such as “cultural”, “symbolical”, “visual”, interdisciplinary ones. Regional dimension assumes the research of the revolutionary processes in the Urals and other Russian regions in their close relations with all-Russian and international ones as well as in the frame of actual methodological approaches. Micro-historical perspective will have attention focused on examining the micro-processes of the historical dynamics, local phenomena, cases, individual and unique projections in representations of the events of epochal year.