Issue 4 (53)

ETHNOPROJECT, OR ETHNICITY PERSONALIZATION (based on materials of the Ural EthnoExpedition)
Year 2016 Number 4 (53)
Pages 142-148 Type scientific article
UDC 39(470.5) BBK 63.52(235.55)
Authors Golovnev Andrei V.
Belorussova Svetlana Yu.
Kisser Tatiana S.
Perevalova Elena V.
Summary The article presents the results of a long-standing field study project of the Ural EthnoExpedition. In the course of the expeditions, it was observed, that ethnic identity in the Ural, which is known for the lack of acute ethnic conflicts, was generally manifested not in the form of mass protest movements, but rather in the form of personal creative initiatives. The term “ethhnoproject” is used for denoting a personally motivated initiative aimed at activation of ethnicity. The author’s attention towards the personality of a leader-initiator plays a key role. The term ethhnoproject covers both the ethno-political and the ethno-cultural ones. An ethnoproject serves as an impetus feeding, driving, and renovating ethnicity. The article studies various ethnoproject trajectories: in one case the project resulted in positioning as a “successful people” (the Nenets, S. N. Kharyuchi project), in another — enrichment of the ethnic culture with the so-called neo-tradition (the Khanty, T. A. Moldanova’s project), in the third — registration of a new status of the people (the Nagaibaks, A. M. Mamatjev’s project), and in the fourth – its replacement with an alternative ethnoproject (the Germans, I. I. Kronevald’s project). In all cases a decisive role was played by a personal position of the leaders.
Keywords Ethnoproject, ethnicity, close-up, Nenets, Khanty, Nagaibaks, Soviet/Russian Germans, Ural, West Siberia

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