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Museum and ethnicity

 Museum exhibition often not just presents the objects, but rather reveals its designer's priorities, motives, and methodology. The museum collection and exhibition may relate to each other like, in classical linguistic comparison, vocabulary and speech; and, accordingly, each museum “speaks” by its exposition. Objects of cult, economy, cloth, arts could acquire various meanings depending on their disposition within intra-cultural (emic) and inter-cultural (etic) place and significance. The exhibition may visualize the ethnic ties and strategies within cultural and intercultural communications. The meanings of the objects spread far beyond their tangible forms and comprise the patterns of thinking and linking relevant to the ethnic network. At the same time, today exhibition should perform the vivid and dynamic character of ethnicity in contemporary reality and/or virtuality. In this prospect the ethnic relics and novelties may perfectly fit each other highlighting the ethno-cultural continuity and flexibility.

Conveners solicit potential participants to bring into discussion the experiences and observations of:

  1.  Ethnic motives in museum-building;
  2.  Role of museum in ethnic revival movement and inter-ethnic communication;
  3.  Methods and designs providing the adequate “exhibition of ethnicity.” Potential authors are encouraged to discuss the alternative viewpoints and approaches.