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Editorial Policy

Policy Journal is determined by its mission and goals:

  • Popularization of advanced science achievements of research humanities organizations of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and their contribution to Russian and world arts and sciences;
  • Promoting the integration processes in scientific sphere on interdisciplinary research levels and the organization of forums, conferences, seminars and round tables for the humanities work coordination;
  • Promotion of scientific research, data collection, exploration, analysis of various documents on the humanities;
  • Fostering a scientific community corporate culture;
  • Promoting training of the youth in the spirit of respect for Russian culture, science and education;
  • Assistance in attracting talented young people to science, and in implementation of training and retraining of scientific personnel;
  • Combining intellectual and organizational efforts of Russian and foreign individuals and legal entities to facilitate the development of Russian science and education;
  • Support Russian researchers;
  • Organization and support initiatives and actions, strengthening the prestige and the role of science in society and contributed to the development of science and education;
  • Participation in the mobilization of intellectual resources for expertise and advice in the economic, political and socio-cultural areas.