Issue 1 (46)

Year 2015 Number 1(46)
Pages 64-72 Type scientific article
UDC 94 (571) 19 BBK 63.3(253)6
Authors Timoshenko Albina I.
Summary The article deals with the problems related to the formation of Siberian hinterland as an historical phenomenon which predetermined one of the most important specific features of the civilizational development of the Russian state in the 20th century. The author made an attempt to identify the main factors contributing to both the economic, and the social and demographic development of Siberia and raising its importance for the military-defense and strategic potential of the nation. The very existence of Siberian hinterland is viewed as the objective reality within the context of the global geopolitical development. The author has identified several stages in the formation of a national scale economically efficient territory with significant natural resources in the center of the country, which, already beginning from the turn of the 19th20th centuries, was understood as the powerful government reserve for the autonomous development both in peaceful times and in case of international conflicts. The accent is made on the Soviet experience of industrial modernization of Siberian regions, one of the goals of which was also the creation of various military-defense industry sectors. It is emphasized that the importance of the Siberian hinterland in protecting the national independence and state security was continually growing throughout the whole of the 20th century.
Keywords Siberia, the rear area of the state, military and defense strategy, economic resources, public policy, social mobilization

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