Issue 1 (42)

Year 2014 Number 1(42)
Pages 100-111 Type scientific article
UDC 902(470.5):7.031.1(470.5) BBK 63.4(235.55)+85.103(235.55)2
Authors Shirokov Vladimir N.
Dubrovskiy Danila K.
Surikov Vladimir T.
Kiseleva Darya V.
Petrishcheva Valentina G.
Summary The article presents description of procedure and results of the analysis of ancient paint samples and the wall base on the rocks from the Southern Ural and Zmiev Kamen’ in the Middle Ural. Analysis was performed with mass spectrometry method. The article also presents the results of 6 thermo analytical studies of samples from the Middle Ural. Analysis of ancient paint samples demonstrated that iron oxides did not play a significant role in the creation of paint pigment. Interpreting the obtained results the authors drew a conclusion that in the recipes of red paint organic components were used. This was a positive confirmation of the results of the study of the Zmiev Kamen’ petroglyphs samples. Earlier organic component was found also in a sample of red paint taken from the picture of a woman in Ignatjevskaya cave, which could be interpreted as continuity in the paint recipes in the rock art of the Ural beginning from the Upper Paleolithic. It also opens up a potential for the possible direct AMS radio-isotopic dating of rock drawings.
Keywords rock art of the Urals (petroglyphs), analyzes of ancient paint, method of mass-spectrometry, thermal analysis method

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