Issue 2 (43)

Year 2014 Number 2(43)
Pages 18-29 Type scientific article
UDC 397(571)+904 (430) BBK 63.589 (253)+63.589(4)
Authors Gron Ole
Summary The article presents an ethnoarchaeologial study of the old Evenk hunting camps in tiga-sites (killsites where the routes of the migrating reindeer cross major rivers) on the basis of one of these sites studied on the upper Olenok River. The economic role of this type of large-scale kill-sites is well known and recognized in archaeology. The focal point of the article is the discussion of their social, ideological and territorial role. Another accent in the discussion is understanding the degree to which we may extrapolate the social, ideological and territorial aspects of the hunting pattern registered at some contemporary kill-sites onto the Upper Paleolithic sites with similar economic characteristics.
Keywords ethnoarchaeology, Evenki, Yakutia, river Olenok, hunter-gatherer society, of the Hamburg culture, Shtellmoor and Meiendorf

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