Issue 2 (43)

Year 2014 Number 2(43)
Pages 89-96 Type scientific article
UDC 903.2(571.121) BBK 63.442.7(253.3)
Authors Gusev Alexander V.
Razhev Dmitry I.
Slepchenko Sergei M.
Zaitseva Olga V.
Pushkarev Andrey A.
Vodyasov Evgeny V.
Vavulin Mikhail V.
Summary The paper discusses some outcomes of the reopened comprehensive studies of the archeological complex Zeleny Yar. Past studies of 1999–2002 and the excavations of 2013 produced ample material for the anthropological and genetic analysis of the mummified remains from the burials, study of the clothes and funeral rites of the Middle Age population of the Northern Ob region. Owing to comprehensive research programs during the field season of 2013 the archeologists for the first time registered female burials in this site. In addition, the archeologists tested innovative site research techniques which significantly enhanced the capabilities for the study of the history of the region, as well as demonstrated the potential of application of these techniques in the Russian archeological research in general. Through the use of these methods the archeologists identified most promising locations for further research and created 3D models of the burials and the finds.
Keywords Northern Ob, archaeological complex Zeleny Yar, burial, the Middle Ages, the mummifyed remains, magnetometer survey, 3D scanning

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