Issue 3 (40)

Year 2013 Number 3(40)
Pages 40-46 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470.5+571.1)"15/16" BBK 63/3(2)44
Authors Mankova Irina L.
Summary The article presents a review of the process of incorporation of the Ural and Siberia into the system of the Russian Orthodox values at the stage of colonization of these territories (end of the 16th–17th centuries). Based on the “Orthodox landscape” concept the author provides an analysis of reasoning underlying the selection of dedication for the parish churches’ alters and the appearance of local sacral relics (particularly worshipped icons) related to the holy royal persons. Two methods of marking the colonized territory with the ideological symbolism of the Russian State have been identified. The first of them relates to the Russian orthodox symbolism reflecting the ideology of the national unity and the central idea of Christianity (in the end of the 16th — early 17th centuries this was the Trinity symbol, and from the middle of the 17th century — the Savior). The second method related to the specifi c personages from the Russian royalty (dedication of the parish churches’ altars to the patron saints and the most important events in their lives; transformation of their gifts after a certain time into the sacral worship objects). Argumentation for the proposed hypothesis is based on a comprehensive analysis of Siberian chronicles and clerical records.
Keywords religious landscape, Orthodoxy, the colonization of the Urals and Siberia, the Russian state, Tobolsk bishop’s house

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