Issue 1 (38)

Year 2013 Number 1(38)
Pages 52-59 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470.5)”19” BBK 63.3(235.55)
Authors Kuzmina Anna P.
Summary The article deals with the electrification of the rural territories in the Urals in 1920-1953 as one of the most important factors of fundamental social and economic, technological and cultural transformations in agriculture; the author presents an analysis of the progress of rural electrification and the effect of obtaining access to electrical power on the transformation of physical infrastructure, culture and everyday life of the rural population; the author identifi es three stages in the process — 1920–1930, 1931–1943, 1944–1953. Rural electrification was one of the most important components of modernization and agrarian transition in the region. Electricity offered the rural population access to many benefits of civilization and became a major transformation factor of the agricultural production process (mechanization), as well as the everyday life of the village people.
Keywords rural, rural electrification, the Urals

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