Issue 4

Year 2012 Number 4(37)
Pages 4-13 Type scientific article
Authors Koryakova Lyudmila N.
Summary The paper presents a brief overview of the evolution and the development of settlement archaeology in the international research practices. The review traced the effect of various factors on the shaping of today’s approaches to the ancient settlements study. The author paid tribute to the contribution of individual archaeologists to the evolution of this research discipline. The process of the settlement archaeology development went in parallel with the development of the theoretical paradigms in archaeology. The researchers distinguish several national traditions (the American, the British and the German) which made a signifi cant contribution to the evolution of this discipline. In the 1930–1940-s the ecological approach and the settlement concept facilitated the formation of the settlement archaeology. Major infl uence was exerted by the systemic approach of New Archaeology, which was most suitable for the study of settlements which contained plenty of information about many aspects of life of the ancient population and its relationship with the environment (both natural and cultural). The processual archaeology stimulated the transition to multidisciplinary and problem-oriented studies within the settlement archaeology framework and its further branching. The review demonstrates that today this discipline has signifi cantly expanded its coverage area, the methodological base and the range of tools and techniques, and has evolved into an independent branch of archaeological research. It is defi ned as an integrated discipline studying social relations on the basis of archaeological data characterizing ancient human environment systems. Modern settlement archaeology studies are multidisciplinary, they require special knowledge in the fields of science and social studies, architecture, urban planning, as well as the knowledge of special techniques necessary for the recovery, registration, and analysis of data, data base management and conservation
Keywords Settlement archaeology, settlement pattern, landscape archaeology, household archaeology, interdisciplinary approach to settlement study

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