Issue 4

Year 2012 Number 4(37)
Pages 114-119 Type scientific article
Authors Baulo Arkady V.
Summary The article deals with a number of important issues in the Ob Urgian ethnography: Territories of settlement of the northern Khanty and Mansi, the presence of the southern components in the culture of the northern people, the Heavenly Rider’s cult. The author provides arguments in favor of the idea of immaturity of shamanism in the culture of the northern groups of the Ob Ugrians. The article draws attention to the problem of narrow focus of the early sources, the ageing of the research staff, as well as poor integration both among the Russian specialists (ethnographers, linguists, folklorists), and between the Russian and the foreign researchers of the problems of ethnography of the Ob Ugrians.
Keywords Ob Ugric, shamanism, the rider, the tradition, the sources

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