Issue 2 (55)

Year 2017 Number 2 (55)
Pages 139-147 Type scientific article
UDC 398(470.57) BBK 82.3(2)+63.5(2Рос.Баш)
Authors Migranova Elza V.
Summary The paper is based on the study of ancient Bashkir folklore texts — epos, fairy tales, and proverbs. The focus of the study was one of the very important sustenance aspects, namely the dietary culture of the people: the author described major traditional dishes and drinks of the Bashkir-stockbreeders, mentioned the role of agricultural products in their diet. The people traditionally promoted a careful husbandry of food products. In the remote past the Bashkir practiced certain cults, beliefs, and even taboos related to food. The study of the folklore texts focusing on finding some ethnographic data demonstrated that they, apparently, may serve as a valuable source. The study of the Bashkir folklore demonstrated its potential for the study of economy, dietary traditions, festive and ritual meals of the people: while the oldest oral folk tales could throw some light on the archaic layers of everyday life and world views of the people, the later texts provided a more realistic, vivid and metaphoric description of the ethnographic environment. Thus the study of folklore offers an opportunity in addition to revealing the deeply hidden layers of the people's world views, have a glimpse of its archetypal images, also trace the evolution of both the spiritual and the material culture.
Keywords Bashkirs, folklore, tradition, food, holidays, rituals

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