Issue 3 (60)

Year 2018 Number 3(60)
Pages 108-114 Type scientific article
UDC 902.652(470.58) BBK 63.442.14(235.55)
Authors Mosin Vadim S.
Epimakhov Andrey V.
Summary About 130 radiocarbon dates were obtained for the Neolithic Trans-Urals for the last decade. Particular attention is paid to the dating of the early Neolithic sites, which is connected to the general interest in the problem of neolithization in Eurasia. The Trans-Uralian Early Neolithic sites were excavated in the forest and forest-steppe zones; they are represented by the complexes of two main cultural traditions: Kozlov Mys and Koshkino. However, the chronological priority one of them has not been determined until now; the question of the identity or difference of forest, forest-steppe and steppe complexes has not been developed too. The aim of this article is consideration of the problem of the spatial distribution of chronologically determined Early Neolithic materials in Trans-Urals. Now 77 dates of 17 sites have been published; they represent Koshkino (forest zone — 30 dates, forest-steppe zone — 6 dates) and Kozlov Mys (forest zone — 22 dates, forest-steppe zone — 19 dates) traditions. It should be noted that the complexes of both zones have a very wide range of values. Nevertheless, according to available data the Koshkino complexes seem older than the Kozlov Mys complexes in both zones. However, the Koshkino traditions in the forest part of the region have a wider range, especially in terms of aging, almost exclusively due to the dates of the Koksharovsky Hill made on coal analysis. The significant overlap of the chronological intervals of both traditions shows their long-term coexistence.
Keywords Trans-Urals, The Early Neolithic, radiocarbon dates, forest, forest-steppe, cultural traditions

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