Issue 4

Year 2018 Number 4(61)
Pages 22-29 Type scientific article
UDC 261.7 BBK 63.3(0)511-69
Authors Akishin Mikhail O.
Summary The article presents a comparative historical study of the role of Christian denominations in the mobilization of the population and interethnic dialogue in the New World and Siberia. The article substantiates the position that the value of missionary activity in the new lands was determined by the model of relations between Church and state. The kings of Spain and Portugal recognized theocracy of the Popes. French kings justified their rights in the New World as the order of the Pope, and the right to the first opening of free land. In the papal bullah, recognition of the rights of monarchs to the earth in the New World was conditioned by the requirement of “preaching the Catholic faith to their inhabitants”. Spanish and Portuguese missionaries built their activities on the model of paternalism. The Jesuits models of accommodation. In the Moscow Kingdom relations between the state and the Church were based on the doctrine of the Symphony of authorities. The annexation of Siberia received a doctrinal justification from the Church on the basis of the paternalistic idea of Orthodox enlightenment of “wicked” peoples. The role of Christianity in the English and Dutch colonization of North America was fundamentally different. The legal basis of the colonial conquests of England and Holland were secular teachings about the right of the first discovery and occupation. Indigenous rights were not recognized. Most of North America was colonized by Protestants and was accompanied by the extermination of its indigenous inhabitants.
Keywords Great geographical discoveries, Christian denominations, mission, social mobilization, interethnic dialogue

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