Issue 4

Year 2018 Number 4(61)
Pages 81-88 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470+460)“18” BBK 63.3(2+4Èñï)52
Authors Alekseeva Elena V.
Summary The article identifies specifics of the Russian and Spanish frontiers met at the Pacific coast of North America in the first decades of the 19th century. Based on instructions, reports, notes, diaries of seafarers visiting Russian and Spanish settlements during this period, prerevolutionary publications and contemporary works the author compares specific features of the Russian and Spanish borderlands, reveals characteristics of Russian and Spanish colonization. Historical documents prove that the international situation and natural conditions inclined the Russian expansion towards California, while the Spanish frontier would hardly resist it. Both Russian and Spanish models of colonization showed the state neglect of the urgent needs of remote colonies, specifically an increase in the number of colonists, creation of favorable living and working conditions, support for the development of various industries, and the expansion of regional trade. The result for both states was almost simultaneous loss of the territories. The hunting imperative catalyzed the initial advance of the Russian-American company to the south, towards California, which became the limit of the eastern perimeter of the Russian Empire. Spanish colonization had a pronounced military, missionary and agricultural character. Despite the limited success of the transition from primitive appropriating forms of economy to agricultural production, commercial relations in Russian and Spanish cases, these were the steps towards modernization, implemented through the diffusion of new technologies and cultural values of Western European origin.
Keywords frontier modernization, Russian America, Spain, California, features of colonization

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