Issue 4

Year 2018 Number 4(61)
Pages 104-111 Type scientific article
UDC 94(571)“19” BBK 63.3(285)63
Authors Timoshenko Albina I.
Summary The article studies the problems of industrial development in Siberia in the second half of the 20th century as one of the variants of frontier modernization. The author believes that this approach adds a new dimension to the problem, since in traditional historiography the concept of frontier was, as a rule, used to describe the much earlier periods in the history of Siberia. It is demonstrated that during the Soviet period, more specifically in the second half of the 20th century, in some territories of the region the initial colonization still continued. These were the territories of the active industrial development where new companies and towns were built from scratch. The new industrial development territories were colonized by the migrants from various regions of the USSR. For a certain period of time these territories maintained the attributes of frontier areas (first of all the insufficient transport, socio-cultural and the ordinary life infrastructure; the migration dynamics and the population turnover; the significant, industrial development related imbalances in the region’s demographic and social structure). Even though the frontier in Siberia, the deep inland region of the USSR, was not, in contrast to the frontiers of the previous periods, the forefront of the military expansion, the frontier quality was manifested by a functional one-sidedness of the regional development: the region’s economy was driven, in addition to the raw materials industries, by the defense industry enterprises supporting the military component of the USSR economy. The author came to a conclusion that in Siberia the frontier zones were formed, as a rule, as a result of the active industrial development in the scarcely populated or virtually untouched by any human interference areas. Under the circumstances the frontier modernization is considered as a positive historical process accelerating the transition of the economically, socially and demographically undeveloped territories into the fold of the industrial civilization.
Keywords Siberia, region, frontier modernization, socio-economic development, land development, industrial construction

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