Issue 1 (66)

Year 2020 Number 1(66)
Pages 45-53 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470.23-25)“1917/1918” BBK 63(3)611-2
Authors Lizunov Pavel V.
Summary The article is devoted to the nationalization of Petrograd joint-stock commercial banks. A state monopoly on banking established by the Bolsheviks is well known from numerous books, textbooks and memoirs published during the Soviet period. Soviet historiography regarded these events as the most important state action, successfully prepared and victoriously realized under V. I. Lenin’s direct leadership. At the same time, the events were presented not only biased, but also very laconic, and over time various legends grew up around them. The paper examines not only the position of the Bolsheviks who came to power as a result of the October Revolution, but also the opinion of the liberal democratic opposition and bankers who lost their former status in the financial sphere as a result of the policy of the new government. The attitude of Petrograd newspapers of different political directions is also considered. The seizure of the State Bank and private credit institutions was the beginning of the implementation of a general plan for the private property nationalization developed by the Bolsheviks. The establishment of control over the banking system was one of the significant and still undervalued events of the Great Russian Revolution. After private banks, mutual credit societies were also liquidated, mortgage banks and urban credit societies, credit cooperation were destroyed due to the nationalization of all land property. By the end of 1918, the People’s Bank remained the only credit institution throughout the territory of the RSFSR.
Keywords Petrograd, nationalization, joint-stock commercial banks, bankers, Bolsheviks, commissioners, decree

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