Issue 1 (42)

Year 2014 Number 1(42)
Pages 43-52 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470.5)”1914/19” BBK 63.3(2)534
Authors Porshneva Olga S.
Summary The article studies the evolution of England and France images in the minds of the Russian general public during the period of the Russian Revolution of 1917. The author demonstrates the influence of the “Mood of February and March” on the temporary revival of war enthusiasm and the proallies feelings in Russia. The article dwells on growing disagreement in the Russia-allies’ relationships in the spring-autumn of 1917, particularly in their understanding of the war and peace consequences. Particular attention is paid to the factors and manifestations of inversion of the workers’, peasants’ and soldiers’ understanding of the role of England and France in the war and their relations to Russia, and the resulting transformation of their perception by the common public not as allies but as the enemies of the Russian people. The role and importance of socialist class propaganda in discrediting the allies in the eyes of the public is demonstrated. The concentration of negative stereotype images of Great Britain also contributed to the growing popular idea condemning the UK as the main proponent of continuation of the war, and the incarnation of the hostile global bourgeoisie.
Keywords Russian revolution of 1917, England and France images, Russia-allies contradictions, workers, peasants and soldiers, mass consciousness, socialist propaganda, negative Britain stereotypes

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