Issue 3 (44)

Year 2014 Number 3(44)
Pages 6-15 Type scientific article
UDC 821.511.132 BBK 83.3(2)53
Authors Limerov Pavel F.
Sozina Elena K.
Summary The article presents an epic poem by a Komi author, philosopher, poet, and scholar Kalliastrat Zhakov (1866–1926) “Biarmia” — an author's reconstruction of the Northern epic of the Finno- Ugric peoples who since the old days lived in the territory of modern Russia. The poem was a re-sult of many years of Zhakov's ethnological studies. The article presents a reconstruction of the mythological world view of Zyryan based o the early works by the author, and shows its further development in “Biarmia” poem. In the artistic realm of the poem the subject of analysis was the chronotope integrating the real and the legendary geography, as well as the subjective organization of the poem's world; the research established a link between the auto-personages of the poem with the heroes of previous works by Zhakov and with various literary traditions.
Keywords mythopoetics, heroic epic, epic poem, mithological model of the world, the cosmogonic myth, art space

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