Issue 1 (66)

Year 2020 Number 1(66)
Pages 62-70 Type scientific article
UDC 94(470) BBK 63(3)632
Authors Artemov Evgenii T.
Summary The article is devoted to the analysis of the economic policy of the post-Stalinist leadership. It is noted that its first, “urgent measures” curbed the rampant buildup of military-industrial power. This contributed to the increase of the economic growth rate and improve the material situation of the population. But to consolidate and develop the achieved successes, a sound economic strategy was required. However, N. S. Khrushchev, who established himself as a personalist political leader, and his entourage failed to cope with this task. The achievement of three difficult goals at once was declared a priority: accelerating scientific and technological progress, ensuring parity with the “probable adversary” in defense capabilities, and creating a socialist analogue of consumer society. An improvement of the economic mechanism was chosen as the main means of simultaneous solvation of these problems. However, the reluctance to “sacrifice principles” reduced it to a series of administrative and organizational reorganizations. In the absence of market signals and sanctions, they led to the loss of controllability of the economy, the decay of its growth rates and the frustration of ambitious plans for communist construction.
Keywords command economy, economic policy, post-Stalinist leadership, military-strategic priorities, scientific and technological progress, material well-being

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