Issue 2 (75)

Year 2022 Number 2(75)
Pages 167-174 Type scientific article
UDC 725(571/51)“17/19” BBK 85.113(253.5)+79.0
Authors Zharnikov Zakhar Yu.
Myglan Vladimir S.
Phylatova Maya O.
Naumova Oksana V.
Barinov Valentin V.
Taynik Anna V.
Summary Nowadays in Yeniseysk more than seventy diverse wooden architecture monuments have been preserved. The time of their construction remains debated. On the basis of a comprehensive (dendrochronological, historical and architectural) study, a chronological typology was created, according to which wooden structures (residential buildings, outbuildings and some government buildings) were grouped into four chronological types: I — structures of the first quarter of the 19th century (izbas, five-wall houses on a high utility basement with a hip or pyramidal roof with small windows that retained the features of the Russia’s North tradition); II — structures of the late 1860s — early 1890s (post-fire eclectic two-storey buildings with a glazed gallery on the second floor of the side extension and outbuildings attached to them); III — buildings of the 1890s (government wooden buildings and one-two-storey residential buildings with a glazed gallery on the second floor, which differ from the second type in less expressive design features (cornice platbands, etc.)); IV — buildings of the early 20th century (one-storey buildings with the bright saw-cut decoration of platbands and cornice). A separate group was made up of objects with more archaic features (compared with the obtained dendrochronological dates), which preserved old traditions. The proposed chronological typology made it possible to detail the town-planning processes of Yeniseysk. The methodological arsenal developed in the work is expanding and deepening the research potential of trends in Siberian wooden urban construction study towards the end of the 18th — beginning of the 20th century. The developed methodological approach has a significant research potential for the chronological attribution of Siberian wooden urban construction in the late 18th — early 20th centuries.
Keywords history of Siberia, Yeniseysk, wooden architecture monument, dendrochronology, chronological typology

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